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Devil's Mountain

Löse das Rätsel um den verschwundenen Autor

Devil’s Mountain

Your desired date 60 minutes


Famous author Rex Stephens has disappeared, he was last seen in his mountain cabin on Devil’s Mountain.

But as you enter the cabin, the door slams shut behind you. The way to freedom is blocked.

Solve the mystery of the writer’s whereabouts and escape from the cabin. You have 60 minutes.

Der Alchemist

Erzeuge den Stein der Weisen im Mittelalter

The Alchemist

Your desired date 60 minutes


Something is brewing!

In the Dark Ages the Master has set you an impossible task.

Locked up in his laboratory, you must create the legendary Philosopher’s Stone.

You must succeed in this task in only 60 minutes, otherwise you will never escape the clutches of the nasty master.


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