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Produce the sorcerers stone in the laboratory

The Alchemist

Solve an ancient mystery.

Set in the dark ages, you will enter the laboratory of the old master and have to produce the legendary sorcerers stone.

The mean old master wants to test your skills and locks you in the room.

Here you shall do what no one before you has ever accomplished.

Can you prove yourself worthy and escape with your knowledge?

Only with skills, teamwork and talent for deduction you can overcome this mission.

But be careful: After 60 minutes the master will leave you forever in his laboratory.
Suitable for beginners, families friends or colleagues.
Difficulty level: MEDIUM

Room Escape Wien

Solve the mystery of the missing author and escape the room.

Devil’s Mountain

The missing author

The famous author Rex Stephens has disappeared. And with him his newest book draft.

You are following his tracks and want to search his lonely cabin on the Devil’s Mountain. But suddenly the door closes. You are locked in.

Can you escape and solve the mystery surrounding the sudden disappearance of Rex Stephens?

Devil’s Mountain is a game for advanced players as well as for beginnner teams with good teamwork.
Difficulty level: HARD

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