The Alchemist

Game Length
60 Minutes
Number of Players

Your desired date 60 minutes



An Escape Room adventure in the Middle Ages for 2 to 7 players.

The dark late Middle Ages. A centuries-old secret wants to be solved. Can you create gold out of nothing or prolong your own life?

For centuries, wise alchemists have been trying to produce the legendary philosopher’s stone. So far, no one has succeeded.

In this exciting Escape Room experience, however, one master dares to solve this almost impossible task with your help. His suggestion: He cracks the formula and you get him the rare ingredients. With a pinch of magic, a huge portion of humour and a fine eye for details, you have a chance to pass this challenge. But be careful, because you have to work together as a team to produce the legendary Philosopher’s Stone. Will you be able to complete this fabulous task before time runs out? After only 60 minutes, the ingredients become unusable and your chance for fame and glory is forfeit.

The Alchemist is an Escape Room adventure for beginners as well as advanced players. It is wonderfully suitable for team building and this Escape Room in the middle of the 3rd district is also ideal as a family activity.

Fans of magic and teamwork will get their money’s worth here.

This Escape Room is a wonderful bad-weather activity and the best cure for boredom.

You are looking for a challenge. The difficulty level of this Escape Room experience is 4/5.