Devil’s Mountain

Game Length
60 Minutes
Number of Players

Your desired date 60 minutes



A detective Escape Room experience set in the 80s for 2 to 7 players.

A lonely mountain hut in America. The famous writer Rex Stephens, known for his exciting crime and horror novels, has disappeared. He was just about to finally finish his latest novel. He was only three pages short. But suddenly there was no answer from the celebrated author. His family, wife and children as well as his publisher are worried. What has happened to Rex Stephens? Now you come into play. As a team of detectives, it’s up to you to solve the mystery of the cabin on Devil’s Mountain. Find out what happened in the cabin and try to save Rex’s life before time runs out.

Devil’s Mountain is an Escape Room adventure that will challenge all your powers of deduction. An eye for detail, the ability to think around corners and good teamwork are required to save the author from his fate.

Loosely based on the game Cluedo, you will find several possibilities for the whereabouts of Rex Stephens in this Escape Room in the heart of the 3rd district, but one variant per category can always be correct. It is up to you and your teamwork to find out what is true and what is not.

This Escape Room is a challenge even for experienced Escape Room players. However, it is also suitable for ambitious beginners, as an activity with friends or as teambuilding with colleagues.

Our gamemasters can tailor the clues to your abilities to make your experience as individual as possible.

Like all our Escape Rooms in Vienna, Devil’s Mountain can be played in German or English.

The difficulty level is rated high at 5/5.